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Advantages Of A Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover works extremely well to help keep the pool clean from things like leaves, bugs and other natural debris. As all owners know, things are constantly falling into the water from the surrounding environment.

Whether they are leaves and pine needles or bugs and other small animals, pools seem to be a magnet for all sorts of things which need to be cleaned out. If you are looking for solar pool cover then you can visit or other similar sources.

Having a solar cover can keep all the leaves and other natural things right on top and they will shake off easily when the pool cover is removed. It also helps keep insects and small animals from wanting to go into the pool for water since it is covered.

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Keeps the Pool Warm

Solar pool covers are designed specifically to help keep the sun's heat from reflecting off the water like it normally would. Rather than having much of the sun's heat wasted it actually helps grab the heat and pass it through to the water directly. This can effectively warm the water by several degrees or even more on hotter days with more direct sunlight.

Cost Savings

If you are concerned at the expense of a solar pool cover you must think of the cost savings they bring in. By maintaining the water warmer through the night you are lowering expensive heating costs. Additionally, solar pool covers decrease evaporation by a substantial level, and thus decrease the amount of water required to fill the pool regularly.

Cleaning the pool is the main cost, but with a well-fitted cover you are keeping debris out from the swimming pool and also lowering the growth of algae. Therefore less money allocated to cleaning chemicals and servicing, another clear advantage that is definitely worth looking at.

The key benefits of a solar pool cover are numerous, and I trust this article has enlightened you as to the main reasons why you should consider purchasing one.