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All About Dental Implants

A dental implant can be defined as an option via which we can opt to replace a tooth. Implants are a sort of manufactured devices which are placed either in the upper jaw or the lower jaw with the help of a surgery.

Implants are generally composed of titanium as well as other materials which tend to be compatible with the human body.

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Result Of Dental Implants

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A tooth which is restored through implant is said to consist several parts like:

  • The implant, which is composed of titanium, is put either in the upper or the lower jawbone.

  • The abutment can be preferred to be made of either gold, titanium or porcelain. It is made to attach to the implant with the help of a screw. This part is known to connect the implant to the crown.

  • The restoration i.e. the part which resembles a tooth is known as a crown. It is usually made of porcelain which is fused to a metal alloy. But it can also be an all-metal or an all-porcelain crown.

    Dental Implants

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The crown is either attached to the abutment or is directly attached to the implant. It can either be screwed or can be cemented onto the abutment.

If the dentist screws the crown to the abutment, then the screw hole will be made to cover with a restorative material like a tooth-colored filling material.

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Some people are scared by the name of a dental implant. But there is no need to get scared as an implant tends to look and feel just like a natural tooth.