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All about Home Pregnancy Test

Confused whether you are pregnant or not? A home pregnancy test kit helps to determine to check whether you are pregnant or not. This misperception is largely instigated due to late ovulation. But if you have a home pregnancy test, you can easily determine without even going to your doctor or going for a blood test.

A home pregnancy test can be carried out by a small device called a pregnancy kit that can detect the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropic hormone in your urine. This yields the same result, as a urine test done in a laboratory.  You can buy early detection pregnancy test strips online.

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Upon conception, a fertilized egg attaches itself onto the uterus. The female body then releases the hormone chorionic gonadotropic, whose presence is detected in urine during the pregnancy test. There are two types of home pregnancy tests.

A strip that can be directly dipped into the urine collected in a container. A part of the strip will change colour if you are pregnant. Another test device consists of a few minutes well. Urine is dropped into the well using a dropper.

The first urine of the morning is said to yield the most accurate results. The accuracy of the result also depends on the ovulation and menstrual cycle of the person. These test kits are easily available at pharmacies or online stores and one does not need prescriptions to buy them. The instructions are given along with the kits for ease of use.