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An Introduction To Psychotherapy

A psychotherapist is someone who gives psychotherapy to clients professionally. This may be for individuals, couples, families or in group settings. A psychotherapist may have training or other backgrounds.

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For example, they might also be a doctor, social worker, mental health worker, nurse or advisor. But when they see clients for psychotherapy, they will only have that role with clients and will not give them other services.

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Psychotherapists will usually undergo intensive training which is generally between 4-8 years. This training will involve periods of supervised practice and their own personal therapy.

Psychotherapists are responsible for creating relationships with clients. This involves ensuring that psychotherapy takes place in a private, comfortable and safe environment.

They will offer clients a certain level of confidentiality that ensures that clients feel confident that they can open themselves to psychotherapists without family friends, colleagues, or other professionals have given information about what they discussed.

Psychotherapists will also listen to clients very carefully and help them identify their goals and expectations for the job. This is active listening and involvement by psychotherapists who help create a psychotherapy relationship.

The way psychotherapists work with clients will depend on their training and the theories they use to help clients. In general, psychotherapy tries to help the person live a more fulfilling life by helping: build the person's self-esteem; solve problems from their past that affect them in the present.

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