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Difference Between Multi-panel and single-panel Drug Test Kit

Different Method is used to test employees for the drug abuse. Both single and multi-panel test kits are available in the markets that are used for drug testing. Drug test strips are specially designed to check drug abuse by employees.

In this article, we are going to differentiate between the two kinds of kits to make it easy for you to choose the best ones based on your requirement.

Either of these kits can be used but multi-panel drug test kits have more advantages then single-panel because of the following reasons:


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The Multi-panel kits are available in both strip and cup forms. But test cups are mostly used as they are easy to handle. The sample for testing can be easily collected in a urine drug test cups with a closed lid. Even the test card is attached to it. you just need to peel off the label and read the result. Whereas in the single-panel test, you need to collect the sample in a separate container and dip the strip to test the result. This is inconvenient as compared to multi-panel kits.

Cost and efficiency

Multi-panel kits are more efficient as you can test for 10-12 drugs with a single test. In a single panel kit, test for one drug can be done at one time.

Advanced options

In multi-panel cups, more advanced options are available such as the split keys, adulteration, and temperature checks.

10 Panel Drug Test Card

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Split key cup

In the Multi-panel test, there are split key cups that make sure the test sample does not come into contact with the test part until the key is inserted. This allows the test administrators to start the tests at their convenience and further read the results accurately. You can even check it out for more information.

Adulteration check

The multi-panel kit can have an additional feature that can detect adulteration of test samples. Due to adulteration, there are changes in aspects such as specific gravity, PH and oxidant in a urine sample. Adulterated check makes sure that there is no adulteration.