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Do It Yourself Paper Bead Roller

Jewelry is a fashion item popular to most women than men. You can find different variations of jewelries in the market today, some are made of gold, others are silver, and there are also those that are made out of paper. Beads are a popular choice for making bracelets and necklace for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative and you would need a paper bead roller for that.

Beads are among the cheapest jewelries, and you can mostly find them being sold in boutiques, bazaars, and other small jewelry shops. Most of these are made out of recycled paper. Not only will you look fashionable, you are saving this planet as well. This is also a good source of income. Easy to make and you only need small amount of investment.

No matter your reasons are for deciding to make such fashion item, it is important that you have a roller. Your goal here is to be able to create great designs faster and easier, and that can only be done with a roller. You might be possible to create beads using tooth picks and knitting needles, but it will surely give you muscle cramps.

There are different types of rollers sold in the market right now. Split or slotted pins, the one with a wooden handle and a pointy metal. Split pins comes in two lengths, short and long. It is available in four thicknesses. Another one is the crafter. From the word itself, it is a crank that lets you roll paper to form a bead. This also comes in four thicknesses.

You also have the option to create your very own rollers if you want, and here is how you do that. All you need is a bamboo skewer and some high tack tape. Most markets offers two bamboo skewer sizes, short and long. Choose what you preferred. Take note that longer skewers have larger circumference, so choose the small one if the whole of your beads needs to be smaller.

For those who are using the long skewer, cut that skewer of yours in half. Set aside the one with the pointed part and split the blunt part into two using some scissor. Make sure you gently split your skewers. For short skewers, simply spit it in half. You may also snip off the pointed part if you want. Bamboos are splintery, so you need to sand the exposed surface lightly using a sand paper.

Next, glue the two parts back together. Just lightly dab the glue on your skewer. Your DIY rollers is basically done. All you need to do now is roll some tack tape around the end to make a handle for your rollers. The thicker the handle, the easier they will be on arthritic or tired hands. Continue rolling until you are satisfied with the thickness.

Do the same process with the other half, and you are done. You now have your very own rollers. The pointed roller is used for opening holes, while the blunt one is used for manipulating beads. Wrap the same type around your blunt and pointed rollers for a matching set. Experiment with different thicknesses and widths of paper.

That is how easy it is to make such cute paper bead rollers. You will only need five minutes of your time or less. With your own set, creating beads becomes more fun. Just research on different techniques for different forms of beads. You may now start creating beads to create cute and fashionable bracelets and necklace.

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