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Guide to manual and electric wheelchairs

Whether you will need a manual or electric wheelchair, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to think about for each. Or you might need both for different purposes.

A manual wheelchair should work if you have sufficient great strength in your arms to push whether the surface is level or on an incline like a wheelchair ramp. Some manuals include hand aids known as hand rims, with knobs that are easier to grip onto instead of rims alone.

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Some people today use a manual wheelchair only, while others use both a manual and an electrical. This may be based on the space, the surface, and if they ought to be lifted up any stairs or assist loading the seat into a car, etc.

You may need a ‘mororized chairs’ (also known as Sillas mororizadas‘ in the Spanish language) to get to work, but use a manual chair when you come home. High school or college students may use an electric chair at college on campus, where they may want to travel a short or long distance from building to building. Using a combination might be the best use of energy or limit overuse of your system.

When deciding on a manual chair, you will want to learn how easy it’s to push it together and just how well it costs so that you do not need to expend much energy pushing it.

The main advantages and disadvantages of manual wheelchairs are: They need balance and strength to move; they take more energy moving distances and up slopes or wheelchair ramps; they can add to aerobic and muscle health; they are easier to transfer; the user may be lifted up any stairs while still in the seat; there are lower maintenance requirements because there are fewer parts; it doesn’t need charging batteries or have the possible failure of batteries and they’re usually narrower and easier to move around in small spaces.

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