Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: You Are What You Eat

…so make your food choices count!

Healthy Eating and exercise are the two simple keys that unlock many of the human dilemmas we continually find ourselves in, but so often we overlook these two basic needs and complicate our approach to everyday living, when we really don’t have to.

“I have never seen an advertisement on Television for Broccoli”

Recently there has developed a growing concern for the food we buy, especially the processed foods and their ingredients. One example was a study of a processed cookie dough that had over 700 different ingredients, many of which you would not want in your body if you knew exactly where they came from. Foods we all eat are including such ingredients as varnish by-products and by-products from feathers as well as a variety of dyes and the ever present “unpronounceable” chemical.

“Has there ever been a television advertisement for Lemons?”

As one world class Chef stated recently: “If you don’t know what the ingredient is, don’t buy it!. It’s this very sensible approach to the food we eat that has jump started a new wave of organic farming, buying locally and even growing more of your own foods. It’s not magic and there isn’t one blueprint but the idea is simple: Know what your eating and what effect it has.

We would like to give you the basic tools to understand and put into action, your own healthy eating plan: one that will continue to work throughout your life and one that may have many positive side effects.

Healthy Fruit Salad

But Don’t Expect:
…fancy crackpot diets.
…exotic, pseudo-medical remedies.
…specially prepared artificial food products.
…muscle building programs.
because we don’t think those sorts of things work.

Healthy Mixed Vegetables

We believe more in sensible healthy eating of inexpensive, nutritious and basic foods. It’s just a matter of knowing what foods are good for you and why. Yes you are, definitely, what you eat!

We cover many topics including:Nutrition By The Label…Reading Nutrition Labels, All about Oils and Fats in your diet, The importance of Fiber, The Role of Fruits and Vegetables and the importance of Fish and the Omega Family.

…Anti-oxidants, Going Organic and the Role of the Vegetarian.

…Healthy Eating and Pregnancy, Stress and Being Frugal.

…We also try to provide supporting information to those with special eating considerations. Being Diabetic or having Celiac disease, for example, brings with it a whole new outlook on meal planning and food choices.

…And finally, we support the home vegetable garden movement, especially when they are organically grown, so we will try to provide much in the way of resources to make this happen.

Check back here regularly as information and resources are being added almost daily…even a few videos!

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p.s. Make A Start With Your Breakfast!

A Good Healthy Breakfast“I have never understood why I should buy Blueberry Juice with upwards of nine different additives, when I can just eat a Blueberry.”