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Tips to Host a Great Wine Tasting Party


Hosting a wine tasting party is one of the best ways to have a great time with friends and families. You can make the party even more worthwhile by using simple forms of tasting such as vertical or horizontal tasting, along with using a few types of simple cheeses. If you are going to host a wine tasting party, then these are a few tips you need to know. However, make sure you and your guests do not get drunk. It’s a party at the end of the day.

  1. Check with the List – Before you start hosting the party, you need to make a list of people whom you would like to invite. Once you’re thorough about who you’re going to call, make an invitation card and send it to them. This will make your guests happy to see the invitation for something they may have not tried it before.
  2. Think about providing a tasting card – You would want to hand over a tasting card to your guests. Tasting card is all about jotting down information of the wine based on the tasting experience. It may be about the wine’s origin or the year it was made or how they felt about the taste. Handing over this card to your guests will make the party fun and easy.
  3. Try something challenging – For a more fun and challenging wine tasting party, you can try a blind tasting challenge. All you do is put a blindfold on the guests and ask them to identify the name of the wine, it’s acidity, flavors, aromas etc. This will be challenging but a lot more fun than the usual one.

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