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Why Is It Better To Opt All On Four Denture Implants?

The new type of permanent dentures that comes into the picture is all on four denture implants. You can go for these types of permanent dentures if you are facing problems related to wearing and removing the false teeth.

Many of the people found temporary dentures time-consuming as they have to remove it before going to sleep at night. Also, when the people wearing temporary denture forgot to clean then it causes many problems for them.

Most of the people don’t find any comfort in wearing the temporary dentures. So it is a better option for them to wear these all on four dental implants or permanent dentures.

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Reasons why all of four denture implants are the better option?

  •    No denture falling

It is found very embarrassing for you when you are wearing removable denture as it may fall while talking or eating.

In case of removable dentures, most of the people face the slippage or removal of their denture while chewing or talking. This is the main drawback of these removable dentures.

The solution for these problems is all on four dental procedures or permanent dentures, as with this dental procedure, dentures are screwed tightly with the gums so as to improve stability.

benefits of all on four

  •    Less recovery time

Most of the people wearing the removable dentures found it very painful when worn for the first time and their implant pain persist for a week. Some people also report that false teeth are fitted too tightly.

But in case of all on four denture implants, these problems vanish. In just a few days of the implantation, you will enjoy chewing your meal and no pain or problem will be experienced to you while having this new type of dental implants.

  •    Aesthetics

Filling the missing teeth is the main motive of the dentures. The temporary denture or removable denture doesn’t look like natural teeth. People can easily recognize the denture as it becomes yellowish after some time. This is quite embarrassing for the people wearing a temporary denture.

With the all on four denture implants teeth look just like natural teeth and no one can differentiate between the actual and false teeth.

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