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Yoga Guide For Beginners

There are many types of yoga, most of the yoga practitioners get confused that which type of yoga would be suitable for them and also they didn’t remember the names of all the yoga.

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yoga for beginners

Beginners only get introductory information online about the different types of yoga they don’t understand which yoga they should practice.

Which type of yoga would be suitable for you?

It is advisable for the beginners to practice almost all types of yoga as practicing yoga in a proper way will not give any side effects to you. If you have any confusion or finding difficulty in practicing yoga, you may hire a trainer for private yoga North Shore Sydney wide. He can come to your home, to teach you various yoga forms.


If you want to focus only on your problems then you can do yoga related to it. If you have stress and anxiety problem then you can practice Raja yoga, Also, if you have breathing problems then pranayama yoga would be the best suitable option for you.

Why there are so many different types of yoga present?Yoga includes mental and physical exercises as it is a proper philosophy of happiness and health in life. Different yoga gurus introduced their style of yoga and that yoga’s are named after them.

Can you learn yoga from the book?

Yes, Of course, it is the best option for the beginners to learn yoga from books while sitting home or anywhere else. You can go through the guidelines and ways to perform that yoga which you found suitable for you.

But it is advisable to do in a proper way while performing it in the wrong way will lead to several pains.

Most popular types of yoga

Most commonly practiced yogas among people are:

  •    Hatha yoga
  •    Ashtanga yoga
  •    Bikrama yoga
  •    Pranayama yoga
  •    Laughter yoga

These are the most preferred yoga among the people. Being a beginner you should practice yoga on a daily basis so as to experience good results.

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